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16 thoughts on “Home

  1. I just read succubus lost. It was so good. But it comes to an abrupt end. I only get to buy books once a month and I so want to know what is going on. The next book goes on my wish list. I really enjoyed it. Great job!

    1. I just finished silo 7 fail safe unbelievable it is one of my favorite silo books!! I couldn’t put it down the characters to the story line auwsom!! I hope you do anouther silo but I will be checking some of your other stuff out thank you for the excellent read!

      1. Thank you! I’ve considered doing a third Silo 7 book to make it a trilogy, and of course I want to finish The Unholy Trinity trilogy soon, but my shoulder just got tapped for a pretty big writing process. I can’t say too much about it now, but for a small time writer it’s a huge opportunity. I’ll post more as I am able!

  2. Hi Daniel. I enjoyed Silo 7, the idea of drugging both silos to obliterate free will, art…. Yet, where is the role of silo 1 in this book? The communication between the heads of IT and silo 1 is essential to each silo story.Otherwise what is the role of the head of IT if not to enforce the goals of silo 1? Let e know please if youhave written other Silostories.I.like the idea of several authors sharing the wooliverse. Thank you.Liat

    1. I’ll send this to your email address too, but I’ll answer here as well.

      First of all, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Silo 1 was a tricky thing to handle, I set the timeline for this story long after Silo 1 blew up. But since the rest of the Silos are left in the dark of that event, it was a little tricky to include that fact. Therefore the heads of IT were still following their orders, they were just really, really old orders, to a point where it became habit and routine. When Brandon, Carol, and Percy were in Silo 8, they saw the recording of the old head of IT for that Silo, who eluded to Silo 1 going dark for several years. Though, that being said… I’ve got ideas to continue the story, which will explain more about the evil of Silo 1, how their absence has impacted the Silos, as well as the whole WOOL project. As well as Silo 8’s story, and there’s so much more for the characters to do.

  3. Love this book. Was hooked from the First paragraph. Is there anymore books with Katie -Jacob-Rebecca. Want to more about their travels and the seals being broken. Thanks Melinda

    1. Glad you liked it! Right now, I only have The Unholy Trinity: Origins released, but I’m over 80% done with the next in the series. If all goes well it should be for sale by the end of January.

  4. I just finished reading Origins and I am now HOOKED on your books – I am going to buy them all. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment you are providing me!

  5. I read both of the “The Unholy Trinity” books this week and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I hope you plan to continue this series because I’m excited to see where it goes.

    1. Glad you liked them! I have lots of plans for these characters; the current series will end with the next book (I had planned the Trinity as a trilogy), but I didn’t plan on enjoying the characters and world so much. So, with whomever survives the next installment, their story won’t end there…

  6. Just finished the Silo 7 books. Very good writing and interesting take a Hugh Howey’s world. Thank you! Keep writing!

  7. I enjoyed your take on the Silo sagas very much! I’ve read quite a few from other authors but thought you did an excellent job and look forward to reading more from you!

  8. I also just finished Silo 7 and have ordered Failsafe. I read that one tomorrow.

    It will be interesting to see how you handle Silo 8.

  9. Hello Daniel. I just finished Silo 7 and enjoyed it very much, thanks!
    I really liked the humanity of the characters, the bad and the good. I thought the way they reacted was very true to how people would react to living in the environment of a silo. The way people had become complacent to the point of self destruction in Silo 8 was especially interesting. Like drug abuse in our modern world. I did find the ending a little abrupt. I expected more of a show down between Brandon and his mother but I guess it was a fitting end for her.
    I would love to see how the lives of the Silo 7 characters progres and what happens to Silo 8. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

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